1. Posting of opinions is a post-moderated service, in other words, moderators check opinions (including those by the request of opinion recipient) after posting an opinion to the public access. From the very beginning we rely on your honesty and propriety.


2. The recipient of the first priority of an opinion, objections, proofs etc. is not the administration of Lardi-Trans but the transport community. Opinion should relate to the direct relationship between the author and the user who is the subject of posting the opinion, it should not be based on false information or information that has become known to the author of opinion from unknown sources or sources that can not be verified.


3. Moderators of Lardi-Trans do not assess opinions from the perspective of "veracity" (moderators do not have opportunities and authority to go into details of relations between parties except those that are provided by the website and forum Lardi-Trans). At the same time, Lardi-Trans welcomes the public statements by both author and recipient of an opinion with indicating whether specific circumstances are true or not and providing evidence and arguments.


4. Responsibility for the content of any opinion bears the user who posted it and who, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, is the author of the relevant information message (opinion).


5. Person that spreads information can be asked to prove its authenticity and veracity, in the case of challenging the opinion in court according to Ukrainian laws. As well, value judgments cannot be proved or refuted, as they represent the personal point of view of the author of an opinion; only the actual circumstances can be true or not. Finally, parties should bear in mind that Lardi-Trans is not a judicial institution and is not empowered to adjudicate the dispute between users.


6. On the basis, that it is principally impossible to check the authenticity and validity of information about opinions, primarily moderators assess opinions by the criteria of honesty, integrity, compliance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine and the presence or absence of violations of the current legislation of Ukraine, compliance with the requirements of the User Agreement and Rules of placing opinionsLardi-Trans.


7. An opinion is subject to deletion if:

7.1 the moderator has reasonable grounds to believe that the author of the opinion posted it in bad faith;

7.2 the opinion contains insults and threats, profanity and/or veiled profanity (in particular, but not exclusively, words (phrases) of profanity, individual letters in which are replaced with other symbols), the propaganda of racial, national and religious enmity, and any other statements that violate the current legislation of Ukraine;

7.3 the decision of the court of Ukraine on the falsity of the information posted on the Lardi-Trans website and/or on its refutation came into force.


8. Opinions on a user will be deleted in its entirety if there are changes in the user’s profile, such as change of tax identification code for an individual entrepreneur or code of "The unified state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine” for legal entity that indicates a change in the economic entity.


9. Initially we rely on honesty and integrity of the author of an opinion. Moderators may question the honesty of the author of an opinion in such cases:

  1. for negative opinions — on the initiative of the opinion recipient except for the cases if there are insults in an opinion. Offensive remarks in the opinion (including further comments from the author) are the absolute grounds for removing the opinion regardless of the subject matter;
  2. for positive opinions — on the initiative of Moderators and/or of any User.


10. Considering the question of unfairness of an opinion when there are some doubts or challenge about the reliability of the information provided, the moderator has the right to require the author to provide all the necessary copies of documents that confirm the relations between the author and the recipient of an opinion, to make judgments of fairness and integrity on the basis of these documents, if the author of an opinion has not attached documents initially. It is not obligatory for the author of an opinion to provide the documents if relevant relations between parties are supported by the data related to the registration of the corresponding offer on the Website and its acceptance by the second party.


11. While assessing bad faith of the author of an opinion the moderator may take into account, in particular but not exclusively, the following factors:

  1. if there is clearly and objectively established inaccuracy of the information (facts) in the opinion;
  2. lack of evidence of relations between the author and the recipient of the opinion;
  3. if by corresponding request the author of the opinion has not provided any documents which indicate some relations between the author and the recipient of an opinion;
  4. if the opinion recipient declares the inauthenticity of signatures/seals on the documents provided by the author of an opinion and if the moderator of Lardi-Trans has sufficient grounds to believe the fairness of such statements;
  5. if the author posts more than one opinion about one transportation;
  6. if there are insults in the opinion;
  7. history of relations between parties and their relations with other Users of Lardi-Trans.


12. The misuse of the right to post opinions can lead to its deprivation. Systematic unfairness while posting opinions is the ground for disabling the possibility to post opinions. Including but not limited it applies to the mass posting and/or referring to other Users with propositions of posting unfair opinions. Period of deprivation of the right to post opinions is determined for each case particularly, taking into account all the circumstances at the discretion of Lardi-Trans.


13. Lardi-Trans is not a judicial authority and not an expert institution. In controversial situations, judgement of the moderator in the assessment of good (bad) faith is not the subject to appeal. It is done not for the purposes of dispute resolution and not to be used as evidence but for the purpose of tackling the issue of displaying the opinion on Lardi-Trans.


14. After the moderator makes a decision the administration of Lardi-Trans can selectively reconsider its decisions and later on discuss the appropriateness of an opinion at its discretion solely, except for the cases when some newly discovered circumstances (such as court decision etc.) emerge. Parties of the opinion have unlimited right to provide further public statements.


15. While posting a negative opinion, in all the cases Lardi-Trans provides the opinion recipient with the possibility of public response in accordance with Ukrainian laws. For this purpose, there is the function of comments to refute negative information by providing specific facts on the subject matter. Comments are moderated, insults and non-constructive "flame" can be removed.


16. The author has a fundamental right to call the opinion back.


17. Lardi-Trans always welcomes friendly settlement of disputes as well as always enforces decisions of courts of corresponding jurisdiction.


18. Rules for filing and processing complaints against users.

  1. The registered users of the website Lardi-Trans have the opportunity to file a complaint against any other user of Lardi-Trans.
  2. The reason for filing a complaint may be: fake registration, non-compliance with the status of "Freight owner", inauthentic registration information, re-registration, violation of the rules of posting information on the website.
  3. Submission of a complaint against a user entails the verification of the authenticity of the user's data posted on the website Lardi-Trans and, at the discretion of the site administration, the verification of registration documents.
  4. Complaints against a user due to absence of payment for transportation, fraud, misconduct and for other reasons are not subjects for filing a complaint, since users address such issues by submitting a negative opinion on a user on the website Lardi-Trans.
  5. The decision of the administrator about the complaint is final and is not subject to review. The website administrator can reject any complaints without justifying the reason.
  6. Filing of more than 10 complaints per day can be considered by the administration of the website Lardi-Trans as a violation of the rules of the User Agreement and may lead to blockage of the ability to file complaints for a certain period or permanently.
  7. It is not allowed to file complaints with dishonest intentions or with the aim of harming a user of the website Lardi-Trans. In the case of establishing the fact of filing complaints with dishonest intentions or with the aim of harming a user of the website Lardi-Trans, the ability to file complaints can also be blocked for a certain period or permanently.


Date of last update: 2020-10-29